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The Vortexes Flowing Through My Personal Life

About Me

The only reason why you venture on to this page is because you are interested in learning more about me or you are really bored.

I am single and looking or I am divorced and looking, well anyway I am looking!  I am 42 years old, above average build, easy-going, optimistic, fun loving, very loyal, single father, and I love living in the country!  I live just outside Liberty Hill, Texas (in the Seward Junction / Rockhouse area) it is fifteen miles away from everything!   

I am Jim Jim is I

I grew up in a typical middle class family, my parents (which never divorced); my father was engineer for Texas Instruments, my mother worked in education public and private throughout her career. I have two sisters an older one and a younger one, when they weren’t fighting each other they were usually beating up on me.        


A Timeline:
1962 - 1976 Dallas ERA  
1976 - 1978 Austin ERA
1979 - 1982 Liberty Hill ERA
1982 - 1984 Killeen ERA
1985 - 1988 Liberty Hill Transition ERA  
1989 - 1993 Liberty Hill Student ERA
1994 - 1999 Jollyville ERA  
2000 - 2005 Convict Hill ERA
2005 - Present Liberty Hill ERA    

Backpacker taking a drink; Size=180 pixels wide
Taking a break from work

Life, Family, and Career!  

My profession is that of a software quality engineer, but I have taken a sabbatical from my career to redefined myself and renovate the old homestead.  I now believe the Pre-WWII culture in Japan was right: "A person works for 7 years and receive 1 year paid vacation."  The free time we all once had is slowly been squeezed out of us and we are becoming a world of cogs and losing our identifies to the massive machine of life that society has developed into. Fritz Lang’s vision of the future in his 1927movie “Metropolis” is coming true.  The masses are enslaved by debt and status by the “Society’s Machine” while the corporations and the rich are allowed to play and controlling the masses.  I know it is black and white outlook just like the movie “Metropolis” and I am not looking at the gray areas like our hobbies, escapes, passions, and quality of time we do spend with family and friends.

                I don’t want to be a cog in society’s machine nor do I want to lose my identity being part of the masses and I don’t want my daughter to not know who I am.  I will not allow my career to intrude on my time with family and friends, I am a father first, friend second, and software quality engineer last.  It is hard to balance life and career; you can’t have one without the other, but I will not allow career to take over my life.  What good are you to your family and friends when you are only able spend thirty minutes a day with them and occasional call them up to say good night?   You can’t really build a relationship or even maintain one, you can only lose them, these are loses I can’t take and is a career really worth losing so much for?   I want what is best for my daughter a fun happy childhood; I don’t want her growing up needing therapy or looking for something she feels is missing in her life because I could not  spend enough time her.                         

                If I died tomorrow I know my daughter would miss me and her memory of me would be of the times we spent together and the fun we had.  How many kids today if there parents died, would only be vague memories of the thirty minutes a day they spent with there parents and can only identify them by the place they had worked?  It is sad how careers can take so much away from on life.  So am I wrong not to follow the masses with my coworkers?  Do I have “Cowboy Attitude” because I won’t let my career control me, my life, and family?  If so then call me a cowboy riding hi-tech frontier, I would rather be a cowboy than a cog any day!         

Favorites Things To Do:

I am very much an outdoors kind of guy and these are some of the things that you would find me doing:
  • Hanging around Tajas Park (Lake Georgetown) swimming, tubing, fishing, hiking, wildlife watching, photography, and just enjoying being outside!      
  • Long country drives with no particular place to go
  • Exploring small towns, festivals, auctions, and flea markets
  • Gardening, cleaning up and fixing up the homestead   
  • Cooking outdoor or  indoors: BBQ, Dutch Oven, and Grilling      

The thoughts expressed on this site are mine and mine alone, beside who else would come up with this crap!