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The Vortexes Flowing Through My Personal Life


List of what I like:

I am right now searching for motivation to include my favorite music once I find it I will update this part  

Lucinda Williams, Josh Stone, etc..    I'll comeback to this  

Favorites Foods or Good Eats

Here's a list of some of my favorite foods:
Drinks: Dr.Pepper, Barqs Root Beer, and Fresh Squeezed Limeade or Limonade, and Ice Tea.
Foods: Cajun, Jerk, Tex-Mex, Italian, Chinese, Seafood, BBQ, Chicken Fried Steak,  Mexican Seafood (Baja Region), and anything spicy (Pepper Head).
Here's a list of some of my favorite Restaurants:
Little Deli, Hobo Depot, Hi-way Cafe, Hoovers, Austin Pizza Garden, Art's Rib House, Ocean China, Buffet Palace, and Catfish Parlor.  
Fast Food: Whataburger, Jack in the Box, Taco Cabana, EZ, Stormy's, Donn BBQ, and Dirty Martins.
Biggest Vices: Dr.Pepper, Jerk Ribs, and Home-made Icecream. 

The thoughts expressed on this site are mine and mine alone, beside who else would come up with this crap!